Why Sterling Silver is Your Go-To Jewellery Item

Gold, silver, tungsten, rose gold, resin. There are many choices to make for your jewellery. You might not think much of sterling silver, but this classic choice has many pros rather than cons. It can be paired with several different styles, be layered or simple, and even has some health benefits. Here's why you need to consider sterling silver to be your go-to jewellery choice.

Easy to Maintain

While sterling silver does tarnish, this is by no means a sign that the item has gone wrong or that you have to dispose of it. Tarnishing is a sign of exposure to oxygen and the oils on our skin. It is supposed to tarnish naturally, but it is up to you to polish it and make sure it stays clean!

Maintaining sterling silver is more accessible than people think. All you have to do is polish once in a while, or even days, depending on your jewellery condition. The tarnish layers will be gone, and then you will end up with a shiny piece of jewellery that looks as good as new! 

Amazing Health Benefits

Another great reason to turn to sterling silver is the fact that there are so many health benefits. Our ancestors all around the world used silver for most of their jewellery if they had access, and there is a great reason why. This metal can help with inflammation, arthritis, and immunity.

These studies have been completed many times before, all proving these benefits. Even wearing sterling silver every single day can help you boost your immunity and prevent colds and the flu every year. It is vital to many people that their jewellery can provide some of these advantages.

Silver Goes With Color Choices and Outfits

No matter the season, you can trust that silver will match with any outfit you might have. If you are wearing a dark evening gown, you can pair silver earrings and rings with the dress. Even if you are going out in your everyday outfit, you can put on a simple necklace before starting your day!

Silver Gives You Options For Styling

Most importantly, you have many options with your sterling silver jewellery. Like any other metal, you can create combinations of statement pieces and smaller items, choose to layer, or even focus on finding miscellaneous items for your accessories. There's little that silver cannot match with, and that makes it an excellent fit for anyone's wardrobe!

Silver Works For Many Skin Tones

Best of all, silver seems to match many skin tones. It isn't easy to find that anyone who doesn't find silver goes with their complexion and outfits. It makes it an incredibly versatile metal and a favorite around the world. 

Sterling Silver is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a piece of jewellery that can do it all. For your everyday use or even once in a while, your sterling silver jewellery from Nalu Jewels will last and improve your life in ways you never imagined.